Take Our Music…Please…

I’m on the verge of some potential new music projects.  It’s time to unload the old stuff.  So take a look if you like Hip Hop.  Let me know.  I warn, it’s not for everyone, and quire explicit….

From WesternPAJuggalos.com…

No, it’s not the Take Big Daddy Shit Home With You Contest. CRAP is returning for a night at the hkan Hooka Lounge for the big Juggalo Day After Party! And to celebrate, we’re letting you have the entire 2007 album “It Doesn’t Matter” for free. The whole thing. From Monkey Flings Poo (which was a free download anyways, I guess), to all those crazy hidden tracks and guest spots by Chachi, Dr. Espling, and emcee lb. We also threw in all of the skits, cover art, pics, and burning toilets you would have gotten from the physical album. And we’ll have a few of those to pass out for people at the after party as well!!!

Clip to Download!!!

Click to Download “It Doesn’t Matter”!!!!

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