Funtime Review: X-Pistols “Shoot to Kill”

Posted recently for my Music Funtime Show site. I was passed a copy of the new X-Pistols album, thinking, “oh great.  Yet another rap/rock mashup album”  After listening for a bit, I realized “That’s right1  I love rap/rock mashup albums!” The way Suburban Noize crunches out these alternative albums and main group albums at such […]

Funtime Review: hed pe “Truth Rising”

A review I wrote for Music Funtime Show’s web site. I enter this review as a long time fan of hed pe.  I recall the thrill of seeing them live on the Jaegermeister tour (alongside the rather disappointing-live Saliva).  I was broken in on Broke, which was responsible for a lot of mainstream explosion for the group. This […]

Funtime Review: Johnny Richter “Laughing”

According to the recent press going out, Johnny Richter has been working on a solo album since Kottonmouth Kings’ Capitol Records days.  Finally, so many years later, we have it in hand and on the shelves. For those into the Suburban Noize sound, you will be in some familiar territory here.  A collection of songs […]

Funtime Review: Kottonmouth Kings “Long Live the Kings”

It’s another year, and another album from my favorite rap group dedicated to the herb that I can’t touch due to legal reasons. Long Live the Kings brings a bit more than it’s past entries, including a welcome addition. One thing you could pan Kottonmouth Kings for, was that for a few years, their albums […]

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