Steel City Livin’

So twice this week, I’ve witnessed big national night games by our own Pittsburgh Steelers. And while I didn’t watch much of Monday’s game but the big score a the end, I did see something even cooler. In both instances, I took a moment and stood on my back porch and could see those big Heinz Field lights shining in the sky over the hill.

I’ve always wanted to live in this town. I don’t expect to spend the rest of my residency completely in town. I’m a country boy, and I’ll have to return to it as best I can someday. But for now, I get to experience the big city life. And all the access it entails.

Growing up, if I wanted to come see a Pirates game, or a big music show, even a big time play, and it was a trip. An 80 mile venture to the bright lights from our little stomping grounds of Pittsburgh. And on some nights, as in the instance of one fateful Twiztid show, it became quite dangerous, thanks to the weather and iced roads leading to some near misses.

But now I’m in the city. If there’s a show downtown or at Station Square, it’s just a train ride away. No long trips just to get stuck in traffic and pay outrageous parking rates. Actually hav ing a good time without thinking about having the energy, and soberness, to make it home that night.

There are some great things going on with my life, and my aspiring careers, that could only be possible here. The shows, the friends, the access. All of that plays together.

I recall one time telling my grandparents, Moon Township residents, out by the airport, how great they have it. They would frequent the shows in the cultural district often. Much like I frequent venues liek Mr. Smalls, and formerly, Metropol for touring and local music to this day. I could see the light bulb go off, and the response, “I guess you’re right”. At least for the greater part of their life, they’ve lived here in town. At least for my mother and aunts and uncles’ upbringing. And it was a bit of perspective. And a lot of the appeal to me coming down here was from my summer visits. Going to the Museum, Science Center, and Zoo in town. The occasional show at the Benedum (and that big ass chandelier, as I recall)

Back in the day, being awed by that drive through the Ft Pitt tunnel and being slammed with that skyline, and being overwhelmed and in awe of this place. Now I’ve been living here for about 5 years (damn) since my first apartment in the South Hills. Heading the the grocery store of the gas station often incurs meeting someone I know by chance, much like back home, just on a grander scale. I’ve had oppurtunities to meet and greet artists, bloggers, football players, and wrestlers.

Here’s to another 5 years!

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