Sorgatron 08 – We don’t slow dance with murderers

A week ago on the Wrestling Mayhem Show 136, It was a monumental occasion as, at about 2 hours in, it was announced that Miss Papuga was the VP nominee for the Stoke Monkey Presidential campaign.

Let me tell you about a Papuga.

It was learned this week on the brand new Level 5 show, at about 1 hour and 24 minutes in, that Miss VP Papuga went to school with one “Sylar” from Heroes. According to this show, it is revealed that the two went to the Middle School Dance together and competed in forensics competitions in High School. Her highest accomplishment, of course, was beating him in one of these to go to nationals. What does this mean? Dawn Papuga is more dangerous than Sylar!!

And we all know that Stoke Monkey is an old man, in monkey years, and the posibility of him having a heart attack in office is not outside of the realm of possibility. That means President Papuga as a backup.

You saw what Sylar would do as president. What would a more dangerous Papuga do? I shudder to think…

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