Sorgatron ’08: Obama was so close


This evening, when I was traversing the Southside in MY CITY, the city of Pittsburgh, I was stopped by a cop. A rather portly fellow on a motorcycle on Carson St. I was confused as to why I was stopped. I was late for my meeting. A meeting to decide the future of New Media outreach for our city. Deciding what was the next step.

But there I was. Waiting. I notice three rabid members with some sort of patriotic shirts and signs, not making it out. Finally, after a five minute, there he was. The Obama-Man. Rocking the convoy.

I expected more….

Three fans on a southside street corner? No Tanks? C’mon Obama….

Your talking to the guy that commanded tens of people at Podcamps, rap shows, and more.

But he’s not as sad as that Stoke Monkey

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