Social Media Cheerleading

From the Sorgatron Media Newsletter from May 30, 2012.  

When you are looking at social media, you may be asking why you are doing this, or may not feel like you are accomplishing much conversing with just a few people so far on your channel, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, amongst others.

The biggest gauge is engagement.  You can only get so far being a broadcaster, sending out your links, product, or whatever you’re business goal may be.  But when you engage with those one or two new people in a day, that sends a ripple out.  Now everyone that is looking at that person’s accound in their stream notices a new name they may be talking with or commenting on.  And maybe, just maybe, you interested a new customer.  As you go, you will see the growth and reactions build if you are persistant.  Stick with it.

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Another one of my earlier write ups.  I often deal with people on so many levels that I’m always adjusting my message on why this is important.  I always saw this as a reaffirmation of my “belief” in Social Media.  Every once in a while, I have to be reminded of the tactics that need to happen.  The attention that needs to be taken to the details, and have a pretty good flux of activity in my various venues.  We’re all human living in a digital world.


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