Snowed In: But Still Working

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Sometimes it doesn’t work out.

This weekend we all were digging out from our respective domiciles in the Pittsburgh and much of the north east.  This led to cancelled events, including about all of an overbooked Saturday with me with both the Renegade Wrestling Alliance and International Wrestling Cartel having competing shows.

It’s a set back for both promotions.  And a set back for us.

Both shows had something big on the line.

IWC was bringing in WWE Superstar Bill Gunn and celebrating the beginning of the second year under new promoter Justin Plummer.  RWA was celebrating their 7th anniversary with a long built card.  This is the second snow-cancelled even in as many years, and the only three shows amongst the two promotions I ever recall (since my appearance on the scene in 2006).

So what do we do?  IWC made a pretty good call to roll out December’s critically acclaimed Winner Takes All event to Youtube for FREE for a limited time.  Garnering hundreds of views and a rash of new subscribers to the underutilized channel.

For us?  We had some time to redirect attention on our vast catalogue.  We may have missed the chance to take some time to capitalize on AJ Styles, an old standby for the promotion from before my time, who had debuted at WWE’s Royal Rumble last night.  It will also give us time to work on some of the details in the site we’ve been meaning to roll out for a few months now, hampered by time.

And me?  There’s plenty of other work in the hopper, thankfully.

It stinks when the weather ruins an event. It’s touch when circumstances take away a client from your portfolio. It’s depressing when something you worked on for weeks just falls through.

What matters is how you react to it.

Cancel any plans this weekend? What did you do with your snowed in time off?

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here! 

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