SauceStorm 3 and Family Matters…

Once again, Saturday, I was privileged to attend Sauce Storm 3 over in Lisbon, OH. The first at the new location. And these guys had some shit together. They had built a really cool stage and backstage area. They had a massive tent area. A brand new ring and entrance built. Merch tents, body art tents, food tents. Hell, even a damn crop circle!

emcee lb, Big Daddy Shit, Missfit and myself rolled in early to make sure we could bump around the ring a little bit. It was muggy as hell. We finally got out there to have our match, Scion vs Elder Statesman, and it probably wasn’t the greatest. Eh, I’m still learning. And we’re both fat kids. Oh well, more experience under our belt. We had Jeff come out as “Dicktoad Sweetass” his new gimmick from Sorgstock, to referee. Unfortunately, I called for the end, and tried to sell a slow, unwilling tap out, but he didn’t see it. Ouch. So the next 5 minutes was an interesting exercise in ad libbing. I forgot half of the stuff I wanted to do. Man. Well, at least it’s a warm up for Sorgstock.

We also participated in the SS3 battle royal two matches later. Scion went in 3rd and had a good showing. Till the next person was a girl who kicked his ass and delivered a sweet looking suplex on him. I was probably 3rd from last (of 15, I think) and had a blast. I came out gunning for Scion, paid him back for some chops. Mixed it up with Girdy and Psychopathic J, and took my leave. Think it took three to knock me out, so I’m happy with that.

So right after that, CRAP opens the music portion of Sorgstock. Ouch. I had no idea if I was going to make it at that point. We got up there, did the TP thing. We had a good crowd up front, and the kids absolutely loved the toilet paper and throwing sauce packets at us. I was pretty happy with it. And emcee lb joined us for Monkey Flings Poo. (too bad the monkey suit was too small for him.)

emcee lb then was good enough to take Jeff home so we could take off to Jamestown for the next day’s family reunion. So Missfit stuck around with me and we hung out the rest of the night watching the music. Got to bullshit with the No Clue guys between their running around, bullshit with Basick Sickness and Broken Wingz. If you don’t know them, check them. Always a pleasure sharing a stage with those guys. We took our leave (and long walk to the parking lot) after No Clue. I love the new shit and got a chance to listen to their new CD over the last couple days.

I gotta say monster props to all those guys in No Clue and their army of ninjas helping them out. There were a few snags, but dammit, they’re shooting for the stars with their deal out there. I can’t wait till Sauce Storm 4! In the meantime, I’m happy enough organizing my little Sorgstocks up north for now…


I had the fortune to attend the first Sorg family gathering in the longest time. (4? 5 years?) And I mean extended family. It hasn’t been the same as my grandparents started declining in health, and everyone feels like they fell away. But my sister and dad decided to bring it back at his place, at least one more time for grandma. And what a dynamic. I had forgotten the characters and motley crew my family was, and was awakened to it, much like I had grown accustomed to realizing how the Lubon family was as well the last few years, as celebrations and deaths had reaffirmed that family with me.

Now, this was the sort of family gathering where you come in and ask “I’m related to you how, again?” We have sons of brothers of my grandfather. daughters to the sisters of my grandmother. Stuff like that. We had some relation that lived a state away and, apparently, hadn’t gone outside their house into nature much in their lives. Example, my nephew takes a couple kids into the woods on a trail for a walk. She panics, and is quoted with “what if he picks up a stick?” Wow. Then we have my dad’s friend, Art. Wow. This guy’s a talker, and dammit, it’s one of the most entertaining, and belligerent conversations you’ll ever listen to. From the amish and their devil worshipping habits, to bar fights across the country, to a little insight on my father’s wilder days, if you’d believe it. It’s always a treat.

So what am I getting at? Appreciate your family reunions, should you still have them. You never know what interesting people you may be related to. And you never know what you might learn about your family that your parents were afraid to tell you.

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