Review: Unwritten Law "Live and Lawless"

Unwritten Law is another one of those bands that achieved levels of success in the standard music industry that found a more comfortable home on the Suburban Noize Label. With their latest album/DVD combo, “Live and Lawless”, we get to see the longtime band in their live element, as most groups are most truely represented.

As with Suburban Noize’s hed pe “DIY Guys” earlier this year, “Live and Lawless” was recorded at the famous Key Club. This time, though, instead of a documentary, we have a DVD of the performance that matches up with the CD. So much so that the first eleven tracks are exactly the same as on the DVD. On top of this we have a music video and a band interview that really give you the bang for your buck.

The whole package packs all of the favorite Unwritten Law songs and vibe that have helped the band stay on top for so long.

You can hear tracks for yourself on the CD’s page here:

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