Review: OPM "Golden State of Mind"

My latest review (though really late). I also have an Unwritten Law
“Live & Lawless” CD/DVD I’m currently looking over that should be posted soon!

OPM hasn’t gone anywhere since “Heaven is a Halfpipe” that many enjoyed on the radio seemingly ages ago. They still put out albums, and still push the California sound with their own flavor. With their latest release, “Golden State of Mind”, OPM bring more of the same, with some Suburban Noize flavor for good measure.

The CD includes long time OPM associate, Big B on several tracks, keeping the crossover appeal of Cali-hip hop the label is known for, and this guest list is rounded out by some heavy hitters in Johnny Richter of Kottonmouth Kings, Dirtball, and even Sen Dog of Cypress Hill fame. The disc even takes a harder vibe for the track “Shoot Em Up”. But otherwise, it’s a laid back, living life good style.

“Golden State of Mind” is one of those albums you put on your CD player on a sunny Sunday, resting on your porch with an ice cool lemonade…and maybe something extra curricular for good measure.

OPM “Golden State of Mind” is set to be released on September 2. They have a pretty sweet pre-order deal right here, on Suburban Noize’s site.

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