R.I.P. Guitar Hero

For a long time, we have been fans of alternative music games in the Sorg household. Back at our townhouse, we were huge fans of Dance Dance Revolution to the point that we were buying the larger, plush, pads and wearing them out. When Guitar Hero showed up on the scene, about the second one that came out, we were hooked. That plastic guitar was the sweetest thing to play with to the determinant of My wife and my actual musical training in our education days.

When Harmonix dropped the Guitar Hero franchise to Activision, but moved on to create something grander in Rock Band, the writing was on the wall. Activision would do what it usually does with a hit, and over saturate the marked, splitting developers amongst the franchise, and generally doing a disjustice to awesome.

And finally, with a whimper, a franchise dies.

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