Podcamp Pittsburgh Focus

From the Sorgatron Media Newsletter from November 1, 2012. 

The InsertCointoBegin.com team with an impromptu Social Media Gaming session with Missy Sorg at PodcampPodcamp Pittsburgh imparted a lot of new lessons for all in attendance, and even more as we post all of those sessions in the coming weeks.  One consistant we saw was how this has grown up.  When we first arrived at Podcamp in it’s first edition in 2007, this was really a hobbist sort of thing.  We all had dreams of doing this social thing for a living, or just a place to vent.  Blogging is still around, but shares the space with Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other tools that have grown up since then.  One line I saw on Twitter and conversation over and over, with all these sources of interaction?

Focus your interaction.

For Podcasters like Audio Shocker, they want their audience to talk to them on their comments instead of spreading out.  Rob Walch (@podcast411) talked about focusing on one place, like iTunes, to jump up the charts there instead of spreading your audience so thin.  Others talked about managing one focused platform, on Facebook, Twitter, or if the audience is there, Google+.

In the long run, don’t expect to be everywhere to begin with.  Be where it makes sense!

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