Podcasting is taking over my life…

I started thinking this week about just how much content I consume.  Particularly, how much from Podcasts.  And even moreso, how much from Podcasts vs other sources.

When I was working full weeks at my video editing job at MTS, I came to rely on Podcasts to keep the focus in on my computer, and absorb information, at least, when I was dealing with the monotony of my videos I was tasked to make.  I would fill almost 40 hours a week with this content, depending on what came across my desk.  I started looking at my list this week on my shortened work week there, and consider how I chase these shows down when I’m working at home or on the road now that my environment isn’t the same every working day.

I consume more content from the TWIT network than I watch cable television in a week.  I only watch my cable when WWE RAW is on, a football or hockey game is on, I’m expecting to doze off on the couch, or to check the traffic in the morning.  The rest of my television watching is Hulu and Netflix.  I don’t let the television affect my schedule aside from the aforementioned event viewing.

I harken back to the TechTV and G4 days.  24 hour networks.  The ability to tune in at any time to get my fill of geekiness in computers or video games.  Perfect.  Despite the horrendous Enzyte commercials I’d have to endure.  The internet has become a suitable replacement.  Now I find that my go tos include the TWIT app on my phone and The 404.  Two standbys when I’m on the move or on a commute.  Plus my fix of wrestling with Between the Ropes and Art of Wrestling.  And trying to catch up on what all of my Podcasting friends are up to.  My hour commute once a week, plus drives to wrestling and high school football gigs have been filled by both these methods.

But of course, the medium that I watch the least costs me the most.  But there’s those very few tethers of content that keep me there.  I cringe when most of the shows that I DO watch can be easily attained by a free antennae.

What have you’re habits been like lately?  Are you going online for more content than your television service?

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