Podcasting is not dead!

AwesomeCast setting up to go live.
AwesomeCast setting up to go live. ~ Chris Bunye Instagram

It may be called netcasts.  Or it’s just a video show.  But Podcasting is not dead!

At least in Pittsburgh.

I was MORE than pleased to see all of the podcasting represented at Podcamp Pittsburgh 7 this past weekend.  As I mentioned on the live AwesomeCast, it really felt like the genre was represented about every set of sessions.  While “channel surfing” the sessions while supervising the live streaming, I got to see Rob Walch (@podcast411) talking some Podcasting standout tips and how to podcast from just an iPad, Audio shocker talking about how to make the most of your Podcast from the content and social side, and a few other bits and pieces of people making it big via Podcasts, not to mention my own Podcasters Toolbox, We’re Still Here panel and AwesomeCast live recording.

It’s a great full circle thing happening here.  Hell, Podcamp was founded when Podcasting was up and coming, and here we are, seven years later, still making some of the same shows and telling people how to do it with some really enthusiastic people.

I was down on Podcasting for a little bit there.  It felt like the only successful ones were people who could fuel their shows with their off-internet generated fame.  But this weekend reminded me of the grassroots beginnings and to not measure your show in how it stacks up with ESPN or CNN’s attempts online.  What is a sizable niche for you.

Oh.  And Podcasters like about their numbers all of the time…

So I’ll take my 10 live chat roomers and 2000 downloads and views and keep talking to the army that’s been built up over the seven years I’ve been doing this and continue to hang out on Tuesday nights and have some fun.

Long live the Podcast!

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