Podcasting for Practitioners Presentation

The Bad News is that, as you probably know, most health and wellness professionals lack the time, money or expertise to do their own marketing.

The Good News is that all the old rules of marketing can be thrown out the window. With more advertising money today going to Silicon Vally (Google) than to Madison Avenue, “What will bring in new clients?” is an ever challenging question being asked by marketing pros at every level.

Today, here’s what does work. A smart, short video that is posted on YouTube, sent to your email list and posted on your social media. In our current state of information over-saturation, cutting through the noise is easy if you know how and why this works.

Common wisdom is that the best marketing is when enthusiastic clients tell their friends about you. Today, the most effective AND the cheapest marketing is the next best thing — when they share your videos with their friends.

This relaxed and social gathering of Journal of Lifestyle Medicine advertisers and members of the Integrative Medicine Professionals Meetup Group is open to any professional in business to help people be healthier.

Mike Sorg of Sorgatron Media.

We will have a  presentation byMike Sorg, proprietor of Sorgatron Media, Inc, a video and social media practice in Pittsburgh, PA.  Michael has worked with clients for years, and support of his own Podcasting ventures since 2006, always trying to stay one step ahead of the curve. He will discuss the technical accessibility available today that we all have to video and social media services, and just how far it can reach. He will also field questions from his 15+ years of online and video experience!

We’ll discuss Mike’s work with S’eclairer Behavioral Health, which includes a weekly podcast and daily posts on several social media platforms.

Also joining us will be Ankit Goyal, owner of Fresh From The Farm Juices in Wexford. He’ll talk about how his most recent video generated several new regular customers.

Hosted by Sven Hosford, Managing Editor of the Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, we will discuss how to create a library of these videos to support a more cohesive and effective network of health and wellness professionals, health food stores and yoga, tai chi and fitness studios.


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