Podcamp Pittsburgh 7 Collection

Of course I did a little bit of talk about Podcamp Pittsburgh 7 a few weeks after, but most of my work has been trying to get all of those videos up on YouTube we recorded.

So this year, I had a good mix of solo, panel, and the usual AwesomeCast recording…

First was the “Podcaster’s Toolbox” where I got into a little bit of the tech and tools I use to do Podcasting.


Then we brought back another “We’re Still Here” panel with our friends from Burgh’s Eye View and Comic Book Pitt.

And of course our usual AwesomeCast Live presentation…

And our InsertCointoBegin.com crew with a break out session about social video games…

And beyond that, there are TONS of videos on the Youtube from this, and past Podcamps. Enjoy!

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