Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 Day 2

Podcamp Pittsburgh‘s second day continued. While I was up pretty late once again, left with Woychek, Papuga, and Missy at the Red Star about 11:30, we arrived plenty early to setup food again and make the morning’s introduction.

It was nice to see Justin join us early this year, and did a sort of experiment on this morning. Instead of just talking to the audience, he opened the main room to questions in general. It basically turned the whole thing into a QA session to kick things off for the day.

The regular sessions started off with a Podfading panel involving Johnny Goldstein, Will and I from Wrestling Mayhem Show, The G Spod, and once again led by Justin. Next, I set up a camera to capture Missy and Dawn’s Social Networking/Media 101 class and went to put a note on the broken pop machine when I was volunteered to fill in the Virtual Worlds session. Thankfully, Dave Fisher was thrown in there with me, and he knew way more about Second Life than I did, so I ended up in a session I never would have on my own, and have a whole new perspective on the subject.

Post lunch, I was a little more low key. I found my self wandering amongst several random conversations in the longest (but not bad) hour of the weekend, while Missy and Dawn did their 201 course. I sat in on the Rust Belt Bloggers roundtable to see what it was about. Silent Ninja, however, slipped into “stealth mode” (ask Norm about that one). The last hour, I went back to wandering, and peaking my head into Justin’s Twitter for Business course, and conversations.

This had to be the most productive Podcamp Pittsburgh I’ve been to yet. It felt like last year was a lot of hanging out, and less time in sessions. Whether it was mind frame, or lineup of said courses, I don’t know, but there are plenty of things I’m going to be applying based on this weekend.

I’m looking forward to a couple of spin off events from this. First is Mike Munz’s Links & Drinks just up the road from me at Jose & Tony’s. Then the planned Neighborhood Walk blogs via Rustbelt Bloggers, and the newly initiated Podcamp Pittsburgh meetups.

As I’ve linked before, I’ve established a Podcamp Pittsburgh Podcast, where I’ve posted almost all of the sessions I had in audio form from the weekend for others to learn from. I hope to work with everyone to put some interviews and roundtables up in this space to help the community. We’ll see where it goes.

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