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Pittsburgh Podcast Network

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For a while it felt lonely. We had started Podcasting in 2006.  Podcamp Pittsburgh was introduced. All was great.

Hanging with the Pittsburgh Podcast NetworkBut Podcamp Pittsburgh seemed to lose some of the Pod-ness. It felt like Pittsburgh Podcasting was under represented and I wasn’t sure if anyone was doing it out there in our little town.

Oh MAN is that changing!

First we have a couple of networks that popped up:

Pittsburgh Podcast Network A part of a talent agency, I had a great conversation with the guys behind this. They have a great lineup of Pittsburgh based talent in sports talk and comedy.

EpiCast  These guys are owning their own brand of shows.  I frequently listen to Does This Hold Up, but their line up of comedians and personalities is pretty awesome.  They have a great partner with The Hardware Store representing and building in Allentown!

And let’s not forget the usual suspects: 

  • Should I Drink That  – Still head by Doug Derda (Father Spoon).  He’s been mid evolution, but it’s still the great beer talk that even interests my vodka tastes.
  • Comics Book Pitt – Dan Greenwald and his friends talking comic books. Most, if I’m not mistaken, have had a hand in their own comic book work too!
  • TechVibe – Technically a radio show, but still worth listening to if you want a line on tech companies thanks to the Pittsburgh Technology Council.
  • Steel City Resistance – I’m sad Burghseyeview is on hiatus for this, and it’s not my thing, but so much respect to Hutch for killing it with this show.

Well..us! We haven’t slowed down in development. While we’ve let some attempts go over the years, we’re still 5 years in on AwesomeCast, 10 on Wrestling Mayhem Show, 150 episodes on Boss Battle and trying new things for ourselves and clients including Power Hour and Fishing Without Bait.

And there are plenty more!  From local radio to fellow geeks getting a podcast off the ground.  Are you one of them? Let me know!

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here!

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