This evening, Wife of the Sorg did a tremendous job of putting together a bit of a going away party for Miss Dawn Papuga. Dawn is moving to Baltimore for an exciting new oppurtunity one cannot pass up.

Missy did a great job of throwing this one together just under the wire of Dawn heading out of town, joining almost 20 people in sending off our friend the right way…with a roast. She had no idea, from what I understand. So we all passed around the table, and did our thing. Many jokes were had at the expense of Dawn’s fragility, alleged promiscuity, cheerleader background, and general awesomeness.

There was even a celebrity guest message from Macho Man:

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But then the coupe de gras that turned on the facet:

And finally, we had cake and mingled. I ate @jen3700 and @burghbaby’s faces!

Dawn, you will be missed by your friends, and even fans of the Mayhem from New York to Texas, as proven by tonight’s responses:

TheMachoMan damn it @Sorgatron you made me cry into my cocaine, wish I could have been there live…@LyriqueTragedy be well and safe travels OOOH YEAH!!

wrestlefan2000 @sorgatron goodbye papuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuga

RizzIUP @Sorgatron That combination in any situation would make @TheMachoMan cry in his cocaine. So long Papuga!

Hopefully, while we won’t be able to have a 649 with you in person her in the burgh as often, it will be like you’ve never left through the miracle of New Media. So long, Papuga.

2 thoughts on “PapuGone…

  1. I am soooo bummed I couldn’t make it. I’m gonna miss Dawn. 🙁

    Plus, if I’d been there, I could have sporked you for eating my face. How rude!

  2. I still haven’t been able to watch the videos from that night… One was too sad, and the other, I’m afraid, will be too embarassing… lol

    In all sincerity, I can’t thank you and Missy enough for the amazing send off. I was very touched, and even though I tried hard not to… I got emotional. Between the amazing job you all did with the video, and the posters, and the notes, and the cake, and the Mayhem fans sending their well wishes… I was overwhelmed…

    I miss yinz guys already…

    Thank you…

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