Observations of a Blackout Week.

So, yeah, I didn’t post last week. Not even a podcast. It was a blackout. Things were the way they were. Writing fail.

So here’s what we’ve missed and some observations.

No Doubt at Post Gazette Pavilion

  • I really never thought I would be attending a No Doubt show. For some reason, the giant stage spectacular that I witnessed, and thoroughly enjoyed, was not what I imagined with this group. It always throws me when a somewhat earthy, ska-like band starts throwing

Podcast Fail

  • It goes without saying that I take a lot of energy for my podcasts. The Wrestling Mayhem Show 172 was a great experience. A great interview with Mike Kingston of the Headlocked comics. A great talk with WrestleFan and Mad Mike on Skype. Good discussion about this crazy Donald Trump thing.

    But you won’t hear all of that.

    It’s gone into the ether of Podcast Heaven, where misrecorded shows go to die along with several issues of This Week in Media I wish I could have heard.

    Time to reestablish that redundancy system I used to insist on.


  • Never in my local news watching, Tornado fearing life have I heard the term “Tornadic.” It makes the concept feel more trivial. Yet, even by the explaination on WPXI, it seems like a way to strike fear in our hearts during you’re all night coverage Wednesday without being allowed to say “Tornado is effin’ happening”.
  • Wednesday was a weird sort of fate night, as I was going to end up in Squirrel Hill until a last minute change of plans. Excellent, since I saw parts of the neighborhood underwater later that night…
  • Love living on the high ground. Away from the floods. I’m very picky about where I live.


  • My YouTube page is about to blow up. With my normal facilities, I’ve accrued over 500 videos over there. This iPhone video thing is going to just blow that up. I can’t wait to go do RPG or CRAP shows again with this thing, or even the wrestling after parties…

Home again

  • This had to have been the most relaxing time I’ve had for a bit. After trips to other regions, watching TV for a weekend, and other methods to just try and unwind, it’s amazing that just an evening staring into a burning fire and up at the stars I don’t see anymore in the city will do for you.
  • It’s also fun to discover alternative methods for starting a fire after a downpour.

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