New Digital Stars

I was greatly surprised, and pleased to see that our favorite underutilized talent, Scotty Goldman (Colt Cabana to all of you Ring of Honor and International Wrestling Cartel fans) has his own Exclusive show! We’ve seen Scotty put himself out there in his fantastic blog, the best I’ve seen on WWE Universe yet, and now with “What’s Crackin”, it could open some new doors for Scotty Cabana.

The video specials have already proven a showcase for some of the lower talent with the Dirt Sheet, Santino’s Casa, and Word Up. Cryme Time has had some success with their comical spots on RAW, but even those are every once in a while, and Word up has given them to let the fans get into them when the Monday night show doesn’t.

Some of the biggest rubs that we’ve seen has to be the Dirt Sheet for The Miz and John Morrison. This seemed to be a hodge podge tag team of two guys that happened to tag, who got together and actually developed an identity as a duo. the Dirt Sheet gave these guys the chance to develop feuds, showcase character, and feel out where they were going. Back this up with the ability they actually possess in the ring, and there’s a reason these guys are all over all three brand shows every week..

So here’s hoping Scotty Goldman has similar success and takes this as a real oppurtunity to move up in the WWE ranks….

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