New CRAP Tracks!

Damn, it’s been too long since I could say that. I finally decided to say “eff it” and hit the studio to go over a handful of tracks with some jacked beats we did for fun but never finished. The two tracks below are two that were recorded, but never finalized.
So I took some time. Tightened it up, on top of tightening I did months ago, and let it go into the wind (or Myspace Music, at least. Everything’s downloadable, so hit it up, put it on your ipod, delete it if it’s shit. Have fun.

But seriously, there’s been a lot of activity lately on the music front. Chachi’s been in studio and put together a “club track” that blew my mind. emcee lb(Will) has been working on this and that. Another Mayhemer has been talking projects with us. And I finally wrote something! I love it that the juices are flowing again. Stay tuned.


“Well, sort of. There has been a nice collection of tracks that have never seen the light of day due to personal schedules, collaborations that never happened, and other circumstances. But we’re back with two tracks I’ve sat on for long too long!

First up is “Deathwish”, a track that people that have been to CRAP live shows in the last year have heard quite a bit of. Well, now here it is in it’s full, finished glory.

Second is “Suck My Dick(the Ex-Girlfriend Song)’, a song that’s been under wraps for a long time, and shows the softer side of CRAP. Kinda.

So check the songs out on the Myspace Page and let us know what you think! There’s plenty more where those come from.”

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