Meet George

Let me tell you about George. The nicest damn person you’ll ever met. This guy is so nice, you won’t believe he’s real. And I think he’s very disarming to people, especially here in the city, when he visits.

This is the type of guy who will walk down the street and say “how are you doing today” to anyone he passes that looks like they’re breathing. We were in Walmart killing time, and he started into a conversation with some stranger about the TVs in electronics. And this was a guy that was a little “out there” himself that most people I know would just look the other way.

He had gone out to the car as we were checking out, and we realized he didn’t have the key. I head out as Missy and her mother were checking out to not see him by the car waiting, but a rather a quick scan of the lot revealed George bent over an open car hood, trying to help somebody jump their car. So I head over and see what is going on. A guy was already there helping, jumper cables and all, and it still wasn’t working. They of course determine maybe a car with a bit more power might help, so I bring over our own SUV. During this process, in casual talk, the guy mentions that he’s stationed here in the military, just back from Iraq. George stops what he’s doing in looking at the engine, and shakes the guy’s hand and thanks him for everything he’s done for the country.

And it is always interesting to see him act like this in the city setting when they visit. It’s one thing out where they are at in the Appalachia of Western New York, where people tend to be a bit more friendly, but it doesn’t seem to be expected much around here. Maybe everybody should take some notes.

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