Mario Madness…

So, I happened to pick up Mario Galaxy today after a small exchange at Gamestop of an ill fated gift attempt. I sat down for aobut two and a half hours straight (exactly that time, according to my Wii message). And holy shit, this game’s good.

woycheck: @sorgatron It rocks.

My sentiments exactly, Have a Good Sandwich guy! (go buy the man’s t-shirts, will ya?)

So I stepped back and let my bro play. And just dropped mario in some search engines. For kicks. (and because I don’t use Flock’s Media bar enough). Astonishment ensues!

First I find this video, and several related, of a Mario Anime:

Why in the world is this not translated over here? Easy money, Nintendo!

Then I start hitting the good ol’ Wikipedia and find “King Koopa’s Kool Kartoons“. Surely this a joke. Or another horrible attempt at a show, as was the Super Mario Challenge. But no…

The show is beautifully elaborated on, thanks to good ol’ RetroJunk. You need to read this to believe it..

Thank you Youtube. I found the opening..

One thought on “Mario Madness…

  1. Every video-game playing friend I know has raved about the awesomeness of that game.

    I need to get me a Wii.

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