Makin Bacon

Today would be an…unusual…step in my career.  While I had hoped to find time to work on a music video montage project for a guy, I found myself cooking breakfast for the people.

My wife’s month and a half old business at Cafe Solstice had a minor setback when our cook and food manager found themselves trapped in the wastelands of Western New York.  While we had a backup lined up with Craigslist, it fell through.

I’m the Pinch Cook.

And as with everything, after initial reservations, I took it head on, and made a game out of the day.

  • I learned all of your favorite Banana on a Grill recipes.
  • I learned that my mother will stalk me with technology when given the chance.  All day.  And I’m sure throughout the office… (I ran a live stream throughout the day)
  • I learned that I’m in the same vein inane for not knowing the breaks for regulars, yet more fun to other customers.
  • I can now make eggs over easy.  Like wut.
  • I got the test the new Square Card Case with Matt. Pretty sweet. Blog to come soon on that one.

I also…produced…a bit of a video tour of the place.  Enjoy.


Well until next time.  this is Guest Chef Sorg, signing off..

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