Looking back on technology

It’s post Podcamp (I swear a post is in progress) and I’ve been thinking a lot about the tech we all use, where we’ve been, and how easy it is for people to do all this these days.

The first flashback I was turned onto was mentioned in one of my Podcasts this week (likely a TWIT show) in reference to The Social Network, called Triumph of the Nerds.  After a quick search, I was pleased to fine someone has the series on the Google Video service (for Netflix does not have, and I’m not sure it’s on anything but VHS). (edit: Whoops.  Wrong again)

The second was a fun piece linked by icanhasinternets.com with Bill Murray ranting about technology circa 1982.

A bit back, I came across an old copyright piracy news story from the 80’s.

Do you think you from 20 years ago would have his mind blown by the internet and iPads today?

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