Last Week in SorgCasts: What a Week

It’s been a crazy week for me with setting up for filming high school football, a crazy night of cage match wrestling from my ringside camera post, and all of the changes in the wind.  So here’s the 2 out of three successful podcasts from last week.

The Music Funtime Show didn’t get off this week.  Had a lineup set for my friend Josh from Kingdom Extreme Mag that didn’t work out.  But we have a makeup date this week.  I just need to get better at contingency plans for this show, and I’m attempting to recruit help for this one.

AwesomeCast 12: Phone Sects

Chachi is one of the easiest people for me to have on.  I don’t want to make a habit of it in lieu of adding a variety of guests, but I’ve received some great feedback from his input in the show from the few times he’s been on.  We had another half show of phone talk, and another jump into the net neutrality waters.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 232: Future Myspace Spam F***ers!

It’s never boring when you have IWC Champ Jimmy Demarco on the show.  And it’s twice as crazy when you throw in IWC Tag Champion Flippin’ Ain’t Easy member Michael “The Bomber” Facade in the mix.  The fans stepped up to poor scores of questions in so I didn’t have to conduct much interview from scratch, and ranged fromt he typical to the just plain weird.  These always end up to be some of my favorite Mayhem Shows we’ve recorded.

This week, we debut our new studio setup!  Next week, we plan to have our new guest area setup, and ready to use for some long time WMS crew members to return in studio!

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