In Defense of USB Microphones

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Man.  Bring up USB Microphones in the company of veteran Podcasters and you’ll hear it.  Much like I did on Twitter this week from upcoming Evening with Podcamp guest.

Blue Snowball USB MicMany may know I’m a big fan of letting technology get out of the way of getting to make good content. The biggest turn off for a new Podcaster is putting a 4 channel mixing board in front of them, or explaining the concept of a cardioid mic. This is why when I’m talking with someone that wants to start off with Podcasting as an add on to their business, non-profit, or for a hobby, I start with the Blue Snowball and Yeti (AFFILIATE LINKS) line of mics.

Our Podcasting friends have great ears for this sort of thing. And groups like Epicast are producing some terrific high quality content with meticulous editing. And I don’t want to discount that. I also don’t want it to intimidate you newbies out there.

I also hope anyone that starts with Podcasting and wants to grow will understand the need to upgrade eventually. Could you imagine if I thought the $15 PC mics we started with 10 years ago was enough and let it ride?  I still cringe listening back.

I have seen setups for as much as $2000 to start.  But I’ve seen professional shows with million dollar studios have guests on Skype using solely their iPhone ear bud microphone. I’ve also had many compliments from my $50 “Podcast Mic” in my low dollar home studio.

I also enjoy using USB mics in mobile setups.  Formerly, I would drag bags of wires and tech to Podcamp Pittsburgh or other venues for our AwesomeCast on locations.  It’s nice to just plug in and go.  And less that can go wrong.

So should you start with one?  I think it will work just fine for you, in most cases, right now.  For the time being.

This is the sort of information I’m going to go over in great detail at our first Lunch ‘n Learn event October 1! If you’re in Pittsburgh, want to learn to Podcast for real, and love lunch, please register here

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