I Remember

I remember the first pc, and the smell of it
I remember the first time I didn’t have to shut one down manually

I remember the days when PC gaming was something of an arbritary science.
I remember the nightmares of boot disks and spending more time configuring games than playing them

I remember the first time Doom hit my screen, and the newness of it all
I remember the fear that the game invoked that I hadnt felt since World 1-4 when I was 7.

I remember this Robocop 3D game that was friggin’ sweet.
I remember only being able to reboot the computer to leave Paperboy 2

I remember the growing pains of Direct X and the awesomeness of OpenGL on a 3dfx card
I remember the joy of not having to worry about such things anymore

I remember playing weekly episodes of You Don’t Know Jack and Acrophobia online
I remember that amazing Duke Nukem deathmatch in the computer lab when we skipped field day

I remember Quake giving me that feeling again
I remember the second one making online deathmatching doable

I remember trying to get a double modem from Diamond running with two dial up accounts for “speed”
I remember waiting all night for a song to download

Today all of these things are trivial and not even thought of
We used to have 1.44 MB floppies and can’t find anything that’s not above

3 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. I remember waiting twenty minutes to load up Dig Dug or Crystal Castles or Miner 20’49er off a tape drive on a Commodore 64.
    I remember writing code in middle school on a TRS-80 to make a sprite move across the screen.
    I remember the excitement of Christmas when the not-so-true-to-form version of Pac-Man came out for the Atari 2600 and gosh dagnabit we liked it!

    Great post! Thanks for activating old brain cells that I have long since believed to be dead.

  2. I remember when i was handed down the dos machine my brother got the superior IBM.
    I remember some comic making program that my brother shown me on it.
    I remember i always turned on godmode when i played first person shooters.
    I remember the lag of online multiplayer on a modem.
    I remember completely screwing up my past computers, learning from those mistakes.

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