I Remember some firsts

Feel free to add your own to this thread in the comments, or come up with your own “I Remember” articles. just let me know!

I remember the first drive in a car and making my dad nervous
I remember dad yells a bit more when he’s nervous

I remember my first play in 5th grade
I remember the panic, and eventual comfort with being on stage
I remember being killed by squirrels

I remember writing my first lyrics on some friends’ album
I remember writing a song in a week and performing it, changing everything.

I remember turning my wrestling talk into a podcast
I remember talking about Lita’s nipple slip

I remember my first attempt at building a community
I remember bringing all kinds of people together

2 thoughts on “I Remember some firsts

  1. I remember when the DDT was an absolute dead-killer finishing move. Nobody EVER got up from it.

    I remember watching my bootleg VHS copy of Wrestlemania 2 until the tape broke.

    I remember having my first conversation about Sportsocracy with Moose and T-Ray at the Red Star in Station Square before a Pirates game in 2006.

    I remember when my 486/66 with 8mbs of RAM was some seriously hot shit.

  2. I remember getting my hair cut by the same lady that cut Bruno Sammartino’s hair. Her name was EZ and I think it was in the Union Trust building.

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