I Remember Road Trips

People seemed to like when I did this on early PC video gaming last week. So maybe this is weekly feature worthy (not like that, Remedy). This week, lets stay with this road trip idea

I remember picking up and leaving for Niagara Falls, and returning the next morning as the sun rose
I remember the time we had to drag a friend out of a Canadian casino because he had “the fever”
I remember the sensation while standing on the people bridge just inches above the passing semi’s on I-90 and facing the other way
I remember almost ending up in Kalamazoo while looking for the stadium for a Grand Rapids AFL game
I remember the town of Ishua and the great “greeting” Peewee made up for it. (“Praying Mantis!”)
I remember Chachi trying to crawl onto a baby changing station at Niagara
I remember only getting searched one time at the border
I remember that sweet buffet at Casino Niagara
I remember discovering Findley Lake, where Missy broke down before
I remember rest stops with Butterfinger Cappuccinos
I remember the asian couple we played “Superman” with on the highway back from New Jersey
I remember Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, and Chachi wanting the apartment above
I remember being in the Clerks store
I remember the classic motorcycle museum with my dad and brother
I remember skee ball on the boardwalk
I remember Mayhem in Times Square
I remember Chachi going back to save Chad from the bar in the Bronx….with no shoes on…
I remember Stone Harbor kind of sucked
I remember being woken up by Matti singing Violent Femmes at the top of his lungs

I remember when we could all afford trips like this without so much effort….

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