How to look at the Cyber War in China…

There is so much in the news about Google standing up to China and threatening to pull out.  This all comes from what appears to be a case of intellectual corporate espionage of monumental, and intellegent, proportions.  As I’m listening to my Buzz Out Loud as they discuss the impact all of this means this morning, there was only one image that popped in my head over and over.

Hackers The Movie 2: Google vs China
The Hackers vs Plague

Think about it.  A malicious hacker makes a malicious attack on corporate America for his own gangs, but is thwarted by a rag tag group of expert hackers.  Truely, this film was before it’s time…

Hack the Planet!!

2 thoughts on “How to look at the Cyber War in China…

  1. I own this movie on VHS and still have my ticket stub from the theater when it was released. i LOVE this movie! You watch it now and have to laugh.

    There must be outtakes cuz the skin showed at 1:56 wasnt in any version i’ve seen. Plenty of Angelina nips throughout though 🙂

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