Homework #6: Back to Basics

I’ve certainly missed the Dawn Papuga Homework Assignments.

Image originally from Borissov at DeviantART

Her name is Olivia, but “Liv” to her friends. She loves to walk at night in the fall. The crisp air. the smell of the forthcoming season. The anticipation of the holidays around the corner. Both in sweet celebration and fear of dealing with her family. She hasn’t been the most beloved of her two brothers and other sister. She took a road less traveled. Pursuing her love than what they considered a “real” profession. She would have never have been happy as a lawyer or a secretary. She would not have loved the schools and the engineering degrees. It’s been hard at times, but she doesn’t hate herself for what she does. But she misses her fiance. He loved it all too. The freedom of time, the exhilaration of a success. Being in front of a crowd. Being behind the keyboard. Making those connections. Maybe someday she’ll find someone to share her passion with again…

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