Heading Out: Chikara King of Trios.

In the past, I used to have a yearly pilgrimage to the infamous Gathering of the Juggalos. It was everything I was into. A veriaty of music in the rap and rock genres, mostly underground. Live professional wrestling. Four days of partying in the woods and getting the most hammered I’d probably been in my life.

This weekend, I set out on a new version of this, more set for the world of indy wrestling I’ve become so encompassed within. This is Chikara’s King of Trios Tournament in Philadelphia, PA. It’s three days of wrestling shows including a 16 team tournament of Trios (3 person tag teams). The talent on this show is going to be remarkable. We’re talking wrestlers from anywhere from Mexico to Australia, according to Mike Quackenbush on his Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcast. Not to mention a few Friends of the Show. And aditionally, it’s in the other wrestling mecca (Madison Square Garden being the first) in the famed “ECW” Arena in Philly.

But I have a list if “to do’s”. This weekend:

-Interview a Chikara wrestler over a board game in the Fan Conclave Saturday.

– Cheesesteak. In Philly. I’ve been in town four times on bus or train transfers and was never able to wander far enough out to find me a cheesesteak. Now, I’ve instigated quite the discussion on the Chikara101 Board on the matter.
– Free hugs from Bryce and Wiggly at the conclave!
– Find the statue from Rocky.
– Find Patty’s Pub.

So, expect plenty of updates on Twitter, Youtube, and whatever else I can do with and iPhone.

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