Google Hangout. The best and worst in one night.

As I’ve detailed on here before, we’ve been continuing to do our Google Hangouts amongst the Mayhem Crew, and inviting others to join us.  We get some people drop in, but they haven’t been the greatest.  Here’s what transpired this past week.  NOTE: if there’s a term that we talk about you don’t know, DO NOT GOOGLE IT!  Trust me:


 Of course this is mainly when we do the Public ones for wrestling shows. Google Hangout was used to great effect when I wanted to corral the Wrestling Mayhem Show regulars to touch base on how the show was going and how we can reach out. The Hangout with Extras that’s been seeping our was great to share some outlines and other documents, and including people on the phone that had issues with their connection. Fast becoming a big utility for me. I’ve considered doing more business on Hangout as we go…

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