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Evening with Podcamp

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Evening with PodcampThis next week, I’m going to have the fortune to talk with the awesome Krystal O’Connor representing Libsyn, the premiere host for Podcasting (based right here in the ‘burgh!).  This is the first step on the Road to Podcamp Pittsburgh X and it has me excited.

It’s interesting to look at the issues of the day around Podcasting and it’s upswing, news of even Libsyn being a provider for the new Spotify Podcasting access.  Podcasting was a staple of Podcamp starting.  Podcasts and blogs.

I sought Podcamp because I was hungry for more as I was starting out in this brave new world. I loved meeting people all excited to create something. And I didn’t want to miss another since.

Podcamp Season is starting.  And we’re kicking off at The Hardware Store.  A incubating/coworking hotbed tucked away in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Home to Epicast and who knows what else I haven’t discovered.

If you’re not into Podcasting, get out there around creatives.  There have been plenty of WordPress and other events shared on Podcamp Pittsburgh’s Twitter and Facebook.  Get out there.  Get involved. Get inspired.

You can find our talk with Josh Lucas of The Hardware Store on AwesomeCast 217.
Check out Krystal O’Connor’s sessions from Pittsburgh Podcamp 9 on Google Hangout and Podcasting from an iOS device.

Get more information about the event here!


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