Full Circle

When I started getting into computers, and discovering this internet thing, the first thing I picked up on was CNet…on Sci-Fi (Not SyFy.  Lame).    This was a lineup of shows on Sunday (conveniently after church) in a two hour block.  CNET Central was my first introduction to John C Dvorak, who later stayed on my radar with Silicon Spin, and today with several podcasts he’s involved with.  I don’t recall all of the shows listed on their wikipedia page, but I do recall, for some reason, The New Edge….with Ryan Secrest…

Remember this guy??
Remember this guy??

For some reason, and I blame Jennie, I got into Buzz Out Loud.   I listen to the audio podcast, but it was interesting to check out the CNET TV site.  Now I just subscribed to Digital Life and Dialed In, to check them out.  So, while I love Revision 3 for the quirky, new kinds of shows I dig like Film Riot and Scam School, it’s nice to see what I can level as the equivelent of “Tech TV On Demand” in this day and age.

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  1. please tell me you dont own the American Idol game. I feel so out of touch not watching Rev3. Internet TV, regular TV, podcasts, vidcasts… I need to reorganize my wakie time.

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