Friday5: Stuff I Do.

  1. What usually marks the middle of your day?
    Typically, sitting at lunch watching some videos online that aren’t training related.
  2. From whom (or to whom) was your most recent middle-of-the-night phone call?
    Just people that don’t know what number they dialed.
  3. On what social, political, economic, or moral issue are you in the middle of the road?
    Religion. Seriously, let these people pray to whoever they want to, no matter if I disagree or not. Wasn’t that the point of this country?
  4. How likely are you to give someone your middle finger?
    Depends on the setting, and my anger. It comes more often in the car. Maybe there’s a sense of protection there.
  5. When were you last caught in the middle of a disagreement that really had nothing to do with you?
    It happens far less now that I just step away from conflict. I used to be the one to help everyone with their problems, until their problems started overwhelming me. There’s some relationship stuff that comes up here an there that, thankfully, my friends know enough to keep me out of.

Who Else is Friday 5-ing? (You know you want to join us…)

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