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Doing a bit of an experiment with Google Voice for the Here’s our bit of an introduction. Please feel free to call in and help us out!

So, as many know from following our Twitter feed. (you’re all following it, right?) we have established a brand new, official, voicemail hotline for all you listeners.



So now we have it. What should we, or you, the listener, do with it?

Call anytime, everytime.
Call anytime, everytime.

Suggestion 1: Stick it in your phone. Put it in your contact list on your phone. That way, if you’re a live show, be it indy, a WWE taping, or your grandma’s BBQ, and you just saw something so fucked up you have to tell someone, tell us! Or if you’re walking downtown and run into Shane Douglas at your local Subway, why not request an interview on the spot and do it to the hotline?

Suggestion 2: Tell us how much we suck. Ok, you don’t have to be that harsh, but seriously, give us some feedback! Tell us what you liked and didn’t like. Bitch us out for hating on Triple H or John Cena. Tell us why we’re wrong and TNA is the greatest promotion on the planet.

Suggestion 3: Be creative. The better the call, the more likely we’ll play it. Make it your own!

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