F**k Lilith Fair

This week, we talk with JuggaloJohn about his thoughts on the Lilith Fair and what they’re missing.  Here’s his post from his Myspace blog.

Wow, could the Re-launch ofLilith Fairbe more irrelevant. I mean let’s start off with their Slogan “The Celebration of Women in Music” … that statement has a few caveats. You see all the bands on the Lilith fair are mostly all Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan clones.(two artists I personally enjoy) It’s all this fluffy Folk crap, as if to say that Women in Music can only be Soft easy listening. I don’t know, that just screams Women are weak to me. I have checked out about half the list of bands, and every song is just as “girly” as the next (not that any of them are Bad, what I heard all seem like nice relaxing music), but When the heaviest Band on the List is Selena Gomez, there is something Wrong with this picture.

And I know what some of you will say, but that’s what Lilith Fair is about, “Folk music and Lesbians” and that maybe exactly the way Sarah McLachlan Picks the acts, but then you can’t use the that Slogan, if you cast only Music of a certain kind. Yes they have Mary J. Blige, and a few other acts for a sadly token Urban R&B theme, but outside that little bit, it’s all the same.

I don’t know why this makes me so mad, maybe because I can’t stand this idea Its Forcing on the Public, or maybe it’s this kind of “girly” girl makes me sick. There are so many Bands out there with Fucking Amazing Female Singers. I could almost fill that lineup with Just the Bands I know, Tons of great Bands From hard rock to metal. Bands that show Women in music doesn’t mean Soft crap.

Now I know you’re going to say, Well the Kind of fan that would go to the Lilith fair are To soft for anything But the kind of music they are playing,… Yeah kind of the Problem I’m getting at, but with that being said there are lots of great Rock bands that can ease this kind of crowd in. Starting with my Personal Favorite Band right NowThe Birthday Massacre, This band is in my top most played iTunes list, Their Lead singer Chibi is one of my favorite singers.Evanescence, no matter what you think of Amy Lee Personally the music is good.Emilie Autumn, Her theme of How Victorian women where placed in asylums for any stupid thing (very witch trial-ish) would be a perfect fit.Sarah Brightman, Her work is always amazing, from the Phantom of the Opera to Repo the Genetic Opera, Sarah is hands down one of the Best singers in the World, and her mix of classical to metal make her amazing to listen to.Guano Apes, Enjoyable hard rock, with front woman Sandra Nasić, just reformed after her short solo attempt.Flyleaf, another good Rock band that wouldn’t be hard to fit into this tours lineup, in there are most likely countless others that I’m not thinking of.

Now you can get into the Women of Metal, you can start with some of the Acts that cross between the Rock and Metal genres. Start off with my FavoriteLacuna Coil, their new album is being said to push them into the Rock genre, but their Metal to Me. plus Cristina Scabbia is one of the most beautiful Women alive and is in my list of Favorite singers.Nightwish, with the new singer, this band doesn’t have the same almost Opera like feel, but is still amazing.Tarja Turunenthe former Lead singer of Nightwish, who’s vocal talent, is on par with Sarah Brightman.Within temptation, also an amazingly talented Metal band with a Beautiful voiced lead singer.Leave’s Eyes, almost like Enya set over Hard metal thrashing.Ardor, an Up and coming new metal band, with an ok mix of Singing and Death metal Scream.In This Moment, Does this a Good bit better, Maria Brink’s Vocals and Scream are an intriguing mix I can only love.Otep, This band has mix of Heavy scream, skilled vocals, and a touch of Hip-hop, their Political Theme kind of grates on me, but they write some damn catchy songs.The Agonist, Lead singer Alissa White-Gluz shows an incredible mix of Beautiful Singing talent and a Death metal scream that puts Danni Filth to shame. Also Alissa, like Cristina, is amazingly Breath taking.Arch Enemy, is a full on Death metal band that has been around long enough to of been on the past Lilith Fairs. Plus there are again countless others that I’m not aware of.

There I just listed Fifteen Bands just that alone should show what a Joke the Theme behind Lilith Fair Is. Not to mention Bands likeMindless self indulgence, the band is half female, although not the lead singer. I would put Kat and Lyn-z Up against anyone on the List of Soft ladies on that Tour. (In any way)

This was something I have felt about the Past Lilith Fairs, but with today’s Surge of Awesome Women I just can’t take it… Women have been in the Genres of Ska, Punk, rock, and metal for years for them to tap into, but they just don’t, It’s either ignorance or on purpose, but it makes their idea of women in music a Joke.

We all need to let Sarah McLachlan know She’s fucking up, she’s fucking up big time!

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