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People on your pathI came off of a very interesting week.  The kind where I hit Sunday and was allowed to tell my body “no more” and just relax and do a little bit of house work at my leisure.

I had a lot of adventures for the week. And it felt good.

After all of these years, I’ve found myself not knowing what a day will shape up to be.  I could be in an office working through some editing.  Could be bouncing around town getting some quick interviews shot.  Heading as far as Somerset to do some filming. Or just lounging in the Oxford Center Food Court where it seemed like the nexus of meetings just worked out over my Friday morning.

I listen some talk about how they maximize their time from day to day.  It’s not about no days off; it’s about no minutes off, it seems.  I find myself in the car a bit.  Which seems a bit ironic since I recently shifted some of my work to avoid 2 hours of driving on one of my days.  Now that driving is a mix of moving to East Liberty for a coffee, then Allentown for some time to sit down and work at my desk, then Mt Lebanon to connect with my wife after work, and anything in between.

Being “chained to a desk” doesn’t preclude you from day adventuring. You just need to explore the world around you.  Maybe there is a coffee shop nearby.  Or a McDonald’s, at least.  Get out.  See people for lunch.  Not your keyboard.  One thing I realize I don’t do anymore is work inside my mind like I did when I was on a bus to school or college (I commuted).  Or maybe even enjoying a conversation at Tom’s Diner.

No matter where you find yourself in life, always find your adventure.

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