Finally! The Kottonmouth Kings Interview!

If I never make a dime from this podcasting thing over the years, it’s at least given me a lot of really cool memories.  The day before Podcamp Pittsburgh 5, I had the chance to sit down, finally, with ALL of the Kottonmouth Kings on their bus for a quick interview for my Music Funtime Show.  I’ve had the fortune to talk with The Dirtball, Daddy X, and Richter in the past, most over the phone.  These are guys that I genuinely enjoy over the past several years.   It’s really good mash up music with a positive, though somewhat anti-establishment, message.

Of course, despite all these years, I still confuse Richter and D-Loc…to their faces.  It was a longtime nightmare realized.  But there it is.  You can’t be afraid to put your faults out on the line, and dammit, I’m bad with faces/names, and for all the hours logged listening to them, I’ve not frequented the music videos and DVDs to really know the two apart.

Here is an excerpt of the Music Funtime Show for those simply interested in the interview:

A big thanks to Chachi from and the Chachi Says: The Vidcast for the interview camera work!

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