Fellow, former, WPAJ member needs some prayers.

From www.WesternPAJuggalos.com:

Hey guys. I received an email just this evening from an old friend of the site, Fat Toney.

Now, Fat Toney was one of the guys that got me into that whole “streaming radio” concept a few years ago that spawned WPAJ Radio and, eventually, the WPAJ podcasts I run, in the Wrestling Mayhem Show and WPAJ Interview. In the long run, I have a lot to thank him for leading me to the position in this town’s blogosphere community I have today. We finally got to meet at the Juggalo Day at Kennywood in 2003, as well as the Gathering of the Juggalos that next year, I believe. He’s had a lot of stuff in his life, a wife and a child, that made him move away from this community and go on with his life, keeping in touch all along with me.

Here is an excerpt from his email explaining his situation:

“The reason i emailed you is I was wondering if you can get word out for me to have other Juggalos and lettes pray for me. The doctor thinks i have cancer but he is not sure till i get another doctor to look at me. This has been my second scare of cancer and My family beenprone for cancer. I made a tagged site to chronolize my possible cancer problems to give people updates on me and my condition. i was wonderingif other juggalos are having similar problems like me and wanna form asupport group or to talk about there expriences with it. I am thinkingof writing a book about us Juggalos and lettes called Living Juggalo:our fight song. I was also wondering if you can spread my link out for others to drop comments on my site to give me and others support or ifthey would like to donate words for the book or other things. any comments of encuragement would make me and other feel better and help us fight the battle and live on. on below is my website if you could pass that along to others and get the word out there for me and help me seek out other juggalos/lettes with cancer or other sicknesses life threathing so we could start up a support group. Thanks for you timemike say whats up to the crew for me.”

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