End of an Era


Over a week and a half ago, I left my job I’ve held since 2004.

It was a job I was dropped into part time. I fought to find out what was next inside the company, and then the options outside, and here I am.

After 6 years going to the same place everyday, or since October, three times a week, it’s a scary proposition. You lose that sense of security, and benefits you hardly thought about, for so long. Realizing you have to fend for yourself. And sometimes that work may not be there. Growing into your own agent, not answering to a manager, but those directly responsible for your potential for making a living, or in some cases, the mass audience you hope to cultivate to the same end.

That scared feeling subsided pretty quickly for me, actually. And surprisingly so. That last day at my three lettered company just felt like another day. We had a lunch with my production coworkers, and I was once again scrambling to get something completed. I don’t know why since my best friend asked my why I cared with a month left in the job period, but alas, I can’t shake my sense of responsibility.

But, while I’m cautious, I’m not worried moving forward. I’ve been learning a lot trying to build some social media and fill in all the technical blanks at Cafe Solstice, where you can find me camped out in the corner doing my work most days, and just launched a new show with the Pittsburgh Foundation, along with a few other projects I’m very excited to get out there.

It’s a wild, scary time, but I love it.

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