Down time. 

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for April 15, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

This week was pretty hard on Podcast Day.  We had a surprise Internet issue, seemingly from out FIOS modem dieing on us. Verizon was really great in response, but nothing could have fixed it on four our Tuesday live streams on a few hours.

The scramble began.

We ended up doing Awesomecast as is.  We had Chilla and John Lange of Looking for Group and Academy Pittsburgh in studio scheduled, so we could at least record it.

For Wrestling Mayhem Show, I decided to punt the ball to someone else.  I tapped our younger Mayhemer, Eamon (the voice of Inspire Pro Wrestling) to simply do the show via Google Hangout without me.

When the worst happens,  it’s important to know how you react and what options there can be. When technology disagrees with what you are trying to do,  what can you do instead of throwing your hands up and going home?

The results above are thanks to some quality quick thinking, dependence on a great team,  and a handy membership at Work Hard Pittsburgh (for some emergency late night internets!) and got the most part, we still delivered the MAIN product we promise to our subscribers and Patreon contributors.

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