Don’t be afraid

How about a tech blog for a minute….

Lately at work, I have had the opportunity to learn our CD Training development, a process that is finally being passed down by the guy that has done them for nearing 10 years. So this has encompassed me putting Parallels on my Mac at work (and purchasing it for my home Mac, after some experimentation).

This is the best time ever to escape the “Microsoft conundrum”. The want to find something different and more reliable. And the shiny new versions of the toys coming from Apple makes that a little more appealing to switch.

This is coming from the guy who’s been reconfiguring and building computers for over ten years. I was definitely afraid of the Macs and saw them as the inferior platform. My work had been driving me more and more to the mac platform and I saw the benefits of it for what we do with video. And after the switch to Intel and the advent of BootCamp and Parallels playing so nice with the opposition’s software, things have been easier.

Now, I’m playing Half Life 2 and Team Fortress on my iMac on the weekends and co-oping Final Cut with my PC copies of Photoshop and other software. Handbrake is effin’ sweet to put my favorite (legal-esque) DVDs to my Xbox to watch in HD. And I tell anyone looking for a new computer to go with Apple.

Maybe I’m just tired of the Start Menu. Maybe I’m just tired of all the compatibility caveats that came with PCs all of these years. Maybe I just like the animations of the dock. hehe.

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