Do You Have A Beginner’s Mind to Creating?

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Do You Have A Beginner’s Mind to This? 

It’s an easy question.

My "What did Facebook Do Now?" FaceWe discussed on Fishing Without Bait recently the idea of the Beginner’s Mind and the Expert Mind.  The Beginner being open to new experiences to become better, while the expert, in this example, is closed to new ideas.

It’s this Beginner’s Mind that is going to help you in this age of ever changing social platforms and technology.

The Expert Mind is the one that doesn’t grow.  Who gets mad and signs the petition every time Facebook changes something.  That still does SEO the same way they did in 2007 even though Google has changed the game out from under you.

The Beginner is always learning and adopting new tech.  Maybe it’s finding new ways to work around existing hot platforms like Twitter.  Or it could be exploring some new ways to reach out like Beme or that could be the next step.

So where are you in your creative growth?  Are you cutting film or are you editing on your iPhone?

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