Demolition and Fashion

This was one of those weekends where I had a chance to explore both sides of my personality, you could say.

We started off heading up to the homestead in Jamestown, PA with Missy, Silent Ninja, and Doc Remedy. I was on a mission. A mission of pizza and destruction.

We got to my dad’s in Jamestown. intending to get a head start on the fair, but those stupid Hurricanes still had an effect on us landlocked folks. Stupid rain. But we hung out with my dad until he went to work and hit up Perkins: the good old Greenville hotspot.

Now this was interesting for two reasons. Three, if you count Doc Remedy not having any preview Perkin’s experience. The place was dead. I mean DEAD. It seems Perkin’s is wholly non-smoking. And I didn’t know this, but the whole state is doing the same as Allegheny County. I don’t know if I simply didn’t know this because we were already subjected to this down here in Pittsburgh. But it seemed to take a hit. And this place already had to drop off being 24 hours on weekdays thanks to an incidental shooting in 2000. (when I worked there). Also interesting was the Silent One, my younger brother receiving what I call the “going home effect”. That thing where you just go home to hang out and end up running into everyone you knew in some compacity and have that uncomfortable “hi, what are you up to” moments with people you may or may not ever want to talk to again. But this time it was a girl who, it seems, he helped out with Vo-Tech in school. And his nickname was Moses? How did I not know this?! My nickname back in the day was Jesus (that’s another post) and they followed suite to call him Moses in retrospect. Wow.

So Saturday rolls along and we don’t get going as soon as I wanted to. Missy wanted to take a nap, so I take Silent Ninja and Remedy to the spillway where the carp gather under the bridge. We filmed a Should I Wrestle That involving seagulls, and I’m disappointed to find that after the beginning of the year you will no longer be able to use bread to feed the fish due to the “health of the fish” hm.

We hit the fair. Meet up with my just turned 13 year old nephew that has more facial hair than the three of us combined, and is on like his tenth girlfriend. The demolition derby was a nice mix of all the mayhem I wanted. I hadn’t been to a derby since my sister drove, and was injured, was in it a few years back. This was definitely the best I’ve seen in a while. Watching the usual three heats, a “powder puff” for girls, mini cars (Cavaliers, Cobalts and the like), and tankers (heavy cars from the 70’s). The night wrapped and we walked the fair some more. Remedy got another sweet sword, and we had the best fair pizza ever. Mission accomplished….

And then, in a complete 180, I ended up at Olive Or Twist downtown Pittsburgh for Liquid Sundays. I became aware of the show thanks to Sarah from the Podcamp Meetings.

It was certainly something different. The event was held in the second floor of the place, with a great loft atmosphere. Some photography was featured on the walls, and there was a nice mix of what can only be described as light indie rock (by the artists themselves, even). Between the groups, there was something of a fashion show while they setup for the next group. The music isn’t something I would generally listen to, but I was rather happy with the music by The Lost Sea, Central Plains, and Thee Adora. I had the pleasure of pulling members of each group aside for a few minutes to talk for the WPAJ Interview, which I will have up in the next few days, and perhaps some video.

But these guys are having another one in November. Keep an eye on their site for details as they come up.

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