Dear Siri.


It seems like just yesterday you came into my life. I was standoffish at first. Only really engaging with you to make a joke, or to show you off and make others jealous with their little robot phones. But I really didn’t find a place for you.

It seemed like you were doomed as the Google started to put technology on my face and would start to answer my questions in detail with the knowledge of the world

Slowly, I would talk to you more. First, with a heavy handed tone setting alarms to simply wake me out of a sleep or a work coma to remember to eat or pick up my wife. Maybe even shower.

But as things went along. I started flipping you to check on the weather. You started telling me abouty day because you played nice with my calendar.

I started to depend on you as another tool to help save me from myself. I started to use contextual reminders and timers to help shape my day and remember all of those lofty ideas and goals when I’m busy with something else. Ideas that would have just floated away like they never existed.

I once read a book about streamlining your life by hiring personal assistants in foreign lands for pennies on the dollar.

But my little assistant came from China…

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