Creepy Lady

She needs some sun so bad....
She needs some sun so bad....

Last night, as I had my over the air television on for noise, and a double header of The Office helping the decision, while working on some freelance, I was distracted by the recent Palm Pre commercials.  As I toiled away in my audio and writing, my eyes were diverted by a ghostly figure filling my 42″ television.

So she stood there.  Looking at me.  Looking off to her phone.  Or her dominatrix master.  I’m not certain.  Telling me about reincarnation and things of a spiritual nature.  I found this odd.  And went back to my work.

About fifteen minutes later, I was once again diverted by our accursed heroine.  Staring at me.  Disaprovingly.  Then I heard a level of bass from this serene commercial I was unaware my television was able to make.

Watch out for the pale lady….

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